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Well, i'm not alone, nor listless, there's no breakfast table, the room's far from empty, there's no young girl, but violins, and if my journal is not the center of my own attention, only the Heavens know what is.

I came across this thread, which has proven to be most interesting - lots of useful commentary on strings, rosin, and string cleaners - because the other day, i restrung my instrument, and found i lacked a new E string, and that the new D was Aluminium-wrapped rather than Sterling-wrapped. I'll try out the new-but-E-String instrument tomorrow. I've ordered an Obligato Gold-stahl E, which sounds absolutely fabulous on my instrument.

I've been using a full Obligato set, Silber-Silber-Aluminium-Gold-stahl, for a while now. This set, once the E arrives, will be Obligato Silber-Aluminium-Aluminium-Gold-stahl. My last stringing had Stahl E instead, and had a tinny sound, rather than the clean brightness of the Gold-stahl C.

I'm thinking on trying Evah Pirazzi strings next, because even with the mixed reviews, and people complaining they wear out in 8-9 months, since i usually only get 6 months from strings anyway, and i'd like to see how they work with my instrument. If i like them, i may stick with the Obligato E anyway, since it sounds so nice on mine.

Any of you have opinions on the gold-flecked rosin mentioned early in the thread linked above? Also, think you that i should try Violino strings?

I've used German, and specifically Pirastro or Thomastik-Infeld, strings the whole time i've been playing. Quelle surprise. I've been debating going back to Olives, too, though i think that may make my instrument sound dark. Hm.

(I've decided this post, at root, is [livejournal.com profile] muzikmaker21's fault, as he's the reason i really started playing again, and rereading this, i've obviously picked up right where i'd left off at 19.)

Date: 2007-08-28 02:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madbodger.livejournal.com
I'd be leery of the gold flecked rosin. The gold is going to gum up stuff, as it's a soft
metal, and a heavy one. And it won't amalgamate or alloy with the strings, it'll just
rub off on them, dampening them, reducing their springiness, and making them
(ever so slightly) heavier.

Pretty, tho.


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