Aug. 9th, 2012 09:52 pm
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Upcoming: Either Crystal City or Alexandria to Mount Vernon -- gentle terrain along the Potomac. This one is an urban/suburban, as upposed to wilderness, walk.

On the 4th, My friend Katie, my nephew JT and i did 12 or so miles on the Occoquan Bull Run Trail from Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA to Bull Run Marina in Clifton, VA.

We met at the parking lot on Old Yates Ford Rd, across from Kinchloe Rd, and near the Bull Run Marina, drove to Bull Run Park, and set out from the upstream Mile 0. A lovely and scenic walk along Bull Run. Mile 4ish we came across an artillery embankment from some combination of the Battle of Centreville, or First or Second Bull Run/Manassas. That was rather cool. Not that it takes tons to come across Civil War stuff around here, but i'd never seen an artillery embankment from that war before.

Me walked on, crossing under Ordway Rd and then VA 28, from which we could see Yorkshire Antiques and the other businesses along 28 in Prince William County, which is on the South side of Bull Run -- we were walking the North side in Fairfax County. We walked under then along for a bit the rail line that runs through Burke, Clifton, Manassas, Gainesville, etc.

Near Mile 7 we came across an ... old mill? maybe. We sat for a bit and enjoyed the scenery. At about the mile 7.5 point, we reached Hemlock Overlook, where an uphill walk up the Bull Run Trail got us to picnic tables and bathrooms. We scrubbed our hands and lower arms, and ate. We decided we were done there to. Katie and i had hit the emotional reset we get from hiking, but it was yet 5 miles to the car. So, on we went.

We we learned: Bull Run Regional Park to Hemlock Overlook is a great hike. Hemlock Overlook to Bull Run Marina is a lovely hike. Together, they're just a bit much for each of us at this pont.
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