Jan. 18th, 2012

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Came across this article about Mitt Romney contributing to the LDS over on Google+, resulting in this thread, names redacted for privacy:

DM - I don't care about his religion.... Anybody that votes for Beyond #RINO #Romney deserves to get stuck with #Obamacare
#Gingrich = #Romney = #obama = "water boys" aka trusted, preferred lackey candidates of the #corrupt #incumbent #rulingclass #elite
11:12 PM (edited) +1

dcseain - He's required to tithe as a member of the church, and he's free to contribute to any denomination/faith as he sees fit.
11:14 PM - Edit

js - I don't believe that a tax deduction should be allowed for donations to a church.
11:18 PM

SL - Or donations to religious cults.. ;_)
11:19 PM

dcseain - Churches are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3), and so donations to them are tax deductible, as are contributions to any other non-profit entity.
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js - +dcseain I know they are, but when the government allows a tax deduction they are in essence sponsoring religion.
11:22 PM

dcseain - They are not promoting one over another, nor discriminating against one over another, therefore, not sponsoring a state religion, which is the prohibition enshrined in the Constitution.
11:23 PM - Edit

DM - Does anyone know how the Founding Fathers handled the taxation of churches and church contributions?
11:25 PM

js - +dcseain If you are an atheist like me you do not have the ability to use this deduction. It promotes religion even though it doesn't promote a specific religion.
11:25 PM

dcseain - Ethical Societies, which are atheist churches under the law, are tax exempt. Many Unitarian Universalist congregations -- also tax exempt -- are home to lots of atheists, at least that was my experience in my years affiliated with the UUs. I know more than a few atheists who attend unprogrammed Friends [Quaker] Meetings too.

Not every atheist wants to belong to an organized, tax-exempt group. It as also true that not every theist chooses to affiliate with a religious group of their particular flavor.

Here in Virginia, where i live, not only are churches not taxable, but their property may not be taken by condemnation proceedings, as the constitution here says that is the state illegally interfering with church.

That all said, +js, i very much do not have the issue that you do regarding the tax status of religious organizations.


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