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Feldspar came into the bedroom howling much too early. So, i topped off her food. She followed me back. I put her out of the bedroom and shut the door. She then spent 2 hours howling, and trying to dig under/through the door. Presumptuous, needy queen.

The Hirshhorn plans a bubble in its circular courtyard for outdoor events. At least for some value of outdoor.

DC's new streetcars have arrived in the US, but need some work to be ready to use. Not to mention need some track laid.

Tip to Greater Greater Washington
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Sorry to be so totally last minute, but i need to leave Bun-bun with someone DC local from Thursday evening or EARLY Friday morning until the evening of the 28th or 29th, please, as we will be out of town for [livejournal.com profile] tomhundleyrn's heart surgery. All supplies and brief instructions included. :-)
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My weekend was pleasant, on the whole.

Saturday i slept late, got some laundry in, gathered the recycling, and headed to the Reston South Recycling Center, intending to go for a hike along the Potomac after dumping the metal and plastic and paper. Just as i was opening the back of the CR-V, my phone rang. Twas L with the news that The Evil - her grandmother - had died an hour before. So instead of a hike, i went to Springfield via a still-scenic, if not as scenic as it once was, route, to pay call on Ms Brown, L's mother and The Evil's daughter.

As always, it was nice to see Ms Brown, despite the circumstances. Ms Allen's passing has freed Ms Brown of a huge burden - that of five years of caring for and responsibility for her mother. So many mixed emotions in the house that day, though that too shall pass.

Sunday was the Great Day of Laundry. At one point, i opened the sliding glass door enough to stick my arm out to see if i felt like getting dressed to leave the house. The door started shaking in a familiar way. I released the door and watched. It shook just so three times more before i opened it a smidge more. The door behaved as expected. Jasper has left the building.

It is common, among humans, to hear/see the departed briefly some days to a week or so after their passing or memorial service, whatever form that may take. I've had many, many reports from people of similar sounds/sights through many moons now.

A week after my father died, on one evening, as my sister and i were going to bed, mom heard the distinctive sound that Dad's belt buckles made - i wonder if she still has any of them, many vintage Secret Service ones - i heard the distinct squeak the top stair made when he came up the stairs after his right leg began to go due to the nerve damage from late 1973 or early 1974, and my sister heard the particular squeak the floor outside her bedroom door made when he stood there briefly to look in on her as we were going off to sleep.

When i opened a sliding door, Jasper would run up, stick his head through and ram it with his shoulders, knowing that many will slide open enough for him to pass, which meant the door vibrated as he went through, as he would go through the smallest opening he could fit through. Coming in, however, usually required widening the opening a few centimetres for him. The feel/sigh/sound of the door is very familiar. I'm sure that he has moved on now, and i wish him only the best. The way the door behaved, he was anxious to go out and be truly free, for the anxiety of his brain chemistry kept him from being as free as he might have been in the flesh, though i suppose his bon with me may have played some role in that too. He'll be well missed, but he had a long life for his species.

Feldspar has been cuddlier and a bit clingier at me since Thursday last. Alabaster is 11 months now, and doing well, and behaving like the kitten he is, and shall be yet for a while more. I look forward to seeing how his personality changes in the coming months and years.

Continuing on about Alabaster for a bit, let me tell you about his hair. He's rabbit-furred, which means incredibly soft. He has a thin, very fine coat of 3-5 cm long hair on his body and tail, slightly shorter on his legs and face. Hair that sticks to everything, and i mean everything. Hair that floats on the least wind. Hair that forms visually interesting self-macrame in the dryer filter. In the end, his hair, which is much of his beauty, is his least endearing feature. I groom him often to reduce shedding. His tail produces huge quantities. New pictures before too long, i promise, if you're interested.

And coming back round to Jasper, i called CRK after i took the body to the vet for disposal. CRK then kindly sent these three pictures of Jasper from 2004, when he was 13, and i had just moved into my 1st Reston apartment. The first two, especially the second, captures the beautiful yellow eyes which earned him his name.

Goodbye, Little Fucker*, as above, you shall be remembered. Peace unto you.

*a)Jasper sired a litter at age 9 months. b)He annoyed the bejeezus out of me when he was young, though his most annoying traits disappeared after Feldspar came into our life. c)Due to the part of me that resembles my mother, he responded to Fucker as readily as he did to Jasper, and long before the end, Fucker had come to be a term of endearment at him. :)
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Well, much to [livejournal.com profile] tomhundleyrn's chagrin, i learned today that Jasper has outlived all 7 of the kittens he sired back in 1992, as well as the queen who bore and nursed the kittens. The last two kittens of the litter died earlier this year, apparently Ozzy was the last. Ozzy to my memory was among the sweetest of the lot temperament-wise, much unlike his father.
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I think this one begs for a caption for icanhazcheezburger. What think you?

More pictures here. I think i want a decent camera. The cell phone ain't cutting it anymore. :) And, by the way, he has the cutest, squeakiest little mewl.
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He's very chatty so far, too.


Dec. 4th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Cats: Doing well together. Alby has grown some, and is very cuddly so far.

Job: Learned today that my job is going away at the end of the month. My employer is working with me to find an other position, and updated resume will be out not later than tomorrow.

Else: all's well
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Well, Alabaster is out roaming from the carrier mostly, but only in the bedroom. He and Jasper have made peace. Albaster hisses at Jasper not, and Jasper ignores him.

Alabaster retreats to the carrier and the blanket to feel secure/safe, when needed. He's fascinated by the rabbit, whom i should let out of the cage to teach him a thing or three. Happily, the rabbit is cat-friendly.

Feldspar actually came into the bedroom today. She hisses when she sees Alabaster. Alabaster hisses at her a little, but less so each day. She hides from him when not being confrontational, and observes from a distance.

I groomed Jasper, and put the hair in the carrier, more scent to help Alabaster adjust. I'll do the same with her whe i can, and groom Alabaster when i can so she can have clump of his hair, though he's small and not shedding much yet.

He may turn out to be a long hair, we'll see. His eyes are a green-yellow. His fur is soft like rabbit fur. His grey and white matches the rabbit's, though rabbit is classic Dutch Dwarf in marking.

Today i put some Iams kitten formula and water in the bedroom for him; already had a liter box there, which Feldspar is using.

That is all for now. Today, more unpacking in the Kithen, and must buy wet cat food, and some people food. Pictures in the nearish future.
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He is scared - to the point of shaking. He hisses and growls at both cats, won't come out of the carrier, and can barely stay awake. Jasper seems prone to mostly ignoring him and finding him harmless. Feldspar is as afraid of him as he is of her. Hopefully things will look up in the coming days. :)


Oct. 7th, 2008 11:56 pm
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Meet Alabaster:

Photo by [livejournal.com profile] whimmydiddle :)
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Jasper just clawed hair out from the blood roots to force the cone from his head. He's shredded the gauze beyond use in the process. Should i buy a collar and reattach it, or what?
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Jasper is VERY unhappy with the collar and the medicine. His lip has scabbed, and is healing, though, which is a very good thing. If all goes well, in two weeks he'll be back to normal. Feldspar keeps hissing at him since the collar, though. He doesn't smell weird, he just looks funny.

He's tired of not being able to roam where he wants, and i don't blame him. If only he'd take the clue i keep giving him to use the boxes to go over the gate, instead of fitting himself through the railing, which doesn't work with the collar on. Ah, well. I dote on him more than usual during his convelesance. Upside, Bun-bun gets friendly company from him. :)
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Took Jasper to vet on Thursday. Turns out the acid refluk has claimed his teeth. He has a cone on, which displease him. He has a 10-day course of twice-a-day antibiotics, which makes him unhappy. If he heals well, the cone will go bye-bye in about two weeks.

I formally registered for ARA 101-001N, Beginning Arabic 1, today, meeting MW 15:30-17:50 at the Annandale Campus of NOVA. Class starts 14 Jan. I even paid a bit more than half my tuition, which is due by 19 Dec.

In was weird logging into the system and seeing my student records from 1987-1990 in there.


Aug. 7th, 2007 10:43 pm
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Tonight, various things. Mi comprensión oral de español mejora por mi trabajo, cual sea buena. My oral comprehension of Spanish is improving due to my job, which is good. Especially since they hired me for my Spanish skills. It's been a bit rough, as i've not had regular telephone practice with my Spanish since 1985.

I'm about ready to pick up on the cycle of poems i started in November. For some reason, only now do i feel ready to carry on with the project, which will occur over in [livejournal.com profile] seain_scribbles, the community i set up for my writing. I wonder if i should move my personal essays over there. Likely, i will cross-post them, as i have more readership here, and not everyone wants to be part of helping me edit my writing. I shall make some new tags in this journal to better group personal essays and poems.

I've come to realise that my personal essays, some of which are properly vignettes, are really some of my strongest writing. I find that kind of odd, as i'm not one to talk about myself, which some of my friends are discovering as they're being interviewed for my Level 2 Clearance. One commented after her interview that she feels she knows me well, but doesn't really know about me. That did not surprise me, as that's rather how i am in general. I'm really rather introverted and shy, despite the face i present to the world.

Not that i never talk about my homosexuality, spirituality, kinks, and what, i just don't do it often, nor to a very large audience. One friend was shocked at first that i'd remade acquaintance with a charming man with whom we'd both gone to HS on a kink site. Her shock turned to pensiveness, leading her to comment as to whether all of us from the first couple of classes of that school had turned out queer and/or kinky. I posited all but one person, quite maybe...hmm...make that two people on further consideration.

I'm falling into the rhythm of the new job and its wack schedule. I'm enjoying it, and like my coworkers, though one of them knows not what to make of me, though i'm guessing that'll change as we work together more. Either that, or we'll maintain our professional relationship and never gel socially, which is cool. One cannot be social with everyone, though one can be pleasant with [most] everyone. I've also come to learn that i must be in bed not later than 22 if i want to be rested, functional, and focused for work. Lack of sleep makes me highly unfocussed.

The cats are doing well. Bunbun's been a bit skittish of late, but he goes through periods of that. I said hi to him earlier when i went up to get the cat bowls to wash so i could feed them, and he shot off like i was a threat. *shrug* He's cute, and cuddly when he wants. Very rabbitlike. :)

Right now i'm tired, a bit antsy, and wanting social interaction. So, sleep, a walk, and a conversation, though likely not in that order, are what i want right now. Likely i'll read a bit, fall asleep, get up in the wee hours, brush my teeth and go to bed. Guess i'll see. Maybe i'll be all grown-up and brush my teeth and go to bed to read. Stranger things have happened.

Oh! I've tried a couple of the wines i received for helping [livejournal.com profile] bhanfhlaith move. Very nice so far, the ones i've had. Thank you for them. I've not yet opened the gallon of homemade mead. I look forward to that once the weather cools a bit, toward Samhain or so.

Oh, and a random tidbit: I was surprised to learn that my street address is unique in the US.

Peace unto you, my friend.
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Apologies in advance for my overtired and nearly-addled brain's lack of flow and coherence.

My mood, as [livejournal.com profile] benhill observed, has improved since i started working. Structure to life is good.

I worked my first weekend, which was a gentle way to end up on the phones. M, D, and i make up the current Black Team Group II. Both M and D have been great about helping me with things. M works much harder than D, and i've been trying to learn from him, though there's much i may not do until my level 2 clearance comes through, which is some months off.

Monday and Tuesday i plan to, in no particular order: help [livejournal.com profile] muzikmaker21 complete his move, get a haircut, see The Simpsons Movie, do 2 loads of laundry, and work 6 hours.

I learned today that IBM's time reporting tool requires me to enter hours in excess of 40 as overtime. I learned this because this is the first week in which i'll work more than 40 - looks like 54.

The cats, and the dog, were all very happy to see me today, and the rabbit did not run away when i gave him more kibble and hay.

Oh, and any of you have why the Spanish-speaking customers are always so much happier, or at least expressive of their happiness, with their dealings with me than the Anglophones and Francophones are?
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In September 1975, when i was 4, my family moved to Dale City, VA. Not long after we moved in, a cat appeared at our back door. Mom let him in. The man from next door came looking for the cat later that day, from whom we learned the cat was named Amos. The next day, Amos was back. He hopped onto their AC unit, onto the fence, onto our AC unit, and appeared at our back door.

Pat and John, the neighbours who owned him, asked us to watch the cat during the day while they were at work. About 9 months later, they divorced, and we got the cat.

Amos was declawed, yet by the time he died in 1989, he'd worn threadbare the back right corner of the La-Z-boy by the couch.
Furniture sacrifices to date ) Lorelei and i spent a whole day shopping for that slip cover some years ago - i was a bit sad to see it go.

I clip both cats', and the rabbit's, claws. Even with clipping their claws, Jasper has damaged now 3.25 pieces of furniture - i'm counting the slip cover as the 0.25. I consider this furniture damage as the expected sacrifice of owning cats. So let's see...3.25 into 14 means Jasper destroys 1 piece of furniture about every 4.33 years. Happily, the chairs will be easily reupholstered once he dies.

The Pets

Jun. 22nd, 2007 11:23 am
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Feldspar has taken to sleeping in Bun-bun's cage since he was moved upstairs. I wonder how he feels about her sleeping in there. Does he just hop on her when he's hungry, i wonder. He can drink from the cats' fountain if thirsty.
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I made egg salad tonight, with eggs, dry mustard, salt, pepper, horseradish mustard, pickles, pickle brine, mayo, hot sauce, and some veggie broth base for additional salt.

Jsaper is licking out the bowl. Between the dry mustard, the horseradish mustard, and the hot sauce, it had a bit of a kick. He still cleaned out the bowl and seems satisfied. I guess after 14 years together, it follows he'd be used to my cooking.

Still, it's not something a cat would usually eat.
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Tonight, i am restless; restless like i haven't been in some time. I've paced. I've tried calling people. Played a few rounds of tennis and bowled some on the Wii. May have to go for a walk.

Deathnote )

Mom, Monday, and grlsctgnbad )

New job, credit reports, courts and lien )

Bun-bun is doing very well, we let him roam a good bit, which has improved his confidence and mood a good bit. He and Feldspar play some, chasing each other. Jasper is a bit afraid of him. Jasper spent his first 18 months in a househould with a big log-ear who thumped loudly, and i'm guessing may have nipped him. He and Bun-bun have sniffed, but Jasper is yet leery.

Okay, i think i'll stop now.


Apr. 2nd, 2007 11:07 pm
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Gah! LJ lost a chunk of the post. Sigh. Rebuilt:

As some of you know Bun-Bun (i'll post a pix soonish), formerly of [livejournal.com profile] chez_turtle is now chez moi. I've been leaving the top of his cage open. Tonight, he nearly hopped out of it, so after [livejournal.com profile] benhill and his trusty mutt Duke, went to bed, i put Bun-Bun's cage on the floor and opened the ramp.

He hopped out, and Feldspar followed him around for a good while before she mostly gave up and let him explore some. I think he liked it. He's been staring at me since i closed him back in the cage when he hopped back in it. What with the dog, he can't be loose here, at least not unsupervised.

We've been petting him, and letting him smell us a lot, and he and Feldspar have been smelling each other a lot. Jasper ignores him, but he spent his first 18mo with a very large rabbit, and knows to respect them.

Bun-Bun, being smaller than the cats, is more manoeverable. It was fun watching him and the cat play.
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Eight hours in jazz shoes is hard on the feet. Today, we had a 15:00 and a 19:30 performance. House at the matinee was dead, but had expressive faces that showed they were into it. Evening house rocked! Last show tomorrow at 15:00 at UU Church of Arlington, VA at 4444 George Mason Dr (at Rt 50, SE corner) in Arlington. If you are able to come, do. I can comp you tix if needed.

I had a lovely time during my brief visit chez Turtle this evening. Bun-bun, a boy rabbit, recently of [livejournal.com profile] chez_turtle has made it here home with me and [livejournal.com profile] benhill. Jasper, the elder cat who spent his first eighteen months with a rabbit, sniffed and ignored him. Feldspar, the younger cat, thinks he'd be fun to play with, and is still trying to figure him out.

I put him on the coffee table so he's dog-eye level. Duke, the dog, with Ben restraining him, was brought near enough to sniff. They sniffed and sniffed at each other. Then Bun-bun thumped, and went to the side of the cage i put a blanket over, to provide him 'safe shelter', and hissed at the dog. So rabbit and dog will take some acclimating.


Jan. 29th, 2007 10:30 pm
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Jasper, my elder cat, showed up a few minutes ago. Not sure if he was upstairs or downstairs - i'm on the middle floor. He came at me from the right, and i found his head wet, mostly on his right side, on the top, over the ear, and a bit down the side. His right ear was very cold, much like human skin when one is a bit numb from the cold. He's dry now, and the ear almost back to normal. Very strange.


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