Jun. 22nd, 2013 10:43 pm
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Well, a nice day at the Ballpark, and smoothies, with [personal profile] joehz. Brought over some cat stuff and vacuum and some car stuff. And a clock.

Came home and saw a house with Sonal and Shawn, with whom i live.

A long day with not enough sleep -- ordered food from Dominos. The Dominos Mediterranean Veggie sandwich is FAR superior to Wegmans' veggie sub, and the bread is as good as Wegmans.

Just after Dominos got here, and i'd eaten my sandwich, I heard the cats being noisy upstairs, and not in a good way. As i stood up to interrupt, Feldspar ran downstairs puffed. Went upstairs and found Lightning looking alright and pleased at having chased off the interloper. Sonal and Shawn got home to blood everywhere -- kitchen floor, wall, carpet near kitchen, and a bloody tail on Lightning, none of which was visible nor feelable when i went to check on her. No blood on Feldspar's claws nor mouth, but she obviously got in a good graze there. Come Hell or high water, Feldsy's claws are getting a major clipping. SIgh. Discovered that a Feldspar scratchpad i'd brought from Joe and Janet's was the source of dispute. Brought it downstairs and put it in my room. My goodness are female cats territorial and possessive in a way i'd not grokked before tonight. Wow!
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